Paint Chemicals

We offers high quality Paint Chemicals to our clients.

Hydrated Lime Calcium Hydroxide

Calcium Hydroxide traditionally called as Slake Lime, Hydrated lime, Slack lime or pickling lime. It is a free flowing fine powder available in different grades. It is produced from the slow addition of water to crushed or ground quick lime. It has varied uses in many industries.

Physical Proerties:

  • White free flowing powder
  • Density of 2.211 g/cm3, solid
  • Molecular Weight 74.09
  • Melts at 512°C (decomp.)

Chemical Properties:

  • Lime as Ca(OH)80-96%
  • Active CaO 60-73%
  • Acid Insolubles 3 – 0.1% max
  • MgO 1.25 – 0.5% max
  • Mesh between 200-400
  • Ferrous & Alumina in traces

Other Information :

Minimum Order Quantity: 16 Metric Ton

Soap Stone Talcum Powder

Talc is a mineral of secondary origin ound in metamorphic rocks and occurs as soap stone made up of large rock masses. It has a soapy feel.

Physical Properties:

  • Appears snow white in color and powder form.
  • Hardness is 1
  • Specific gravity of 2.75
  • Bulk Density of 900-600 kg /m
  • High melting Point
  • Low Conductivity to Heat & Electricity
  • Chemical Inertness

Chemical Properties:

  • Reflection 85% Min
  • Magnesium Oxide as MgO –
  • 30% Min
  • pH 8.5-10%
  • Iron as Fe – 1.5% Max
  • Acid Soluble – 8% Max
  • Water Soluble – 0.5% Max
  • LOI – 5% Max
  • 300 Mesh BSS – 85% passing Min.


  • Paper Industry to control pitch globules and increase the retention of fillers and capacity.
  • Paint Industry to reinforce the paint films and prevent sagging. Widely acknowledged for chemical inertness and high fusion point.
  • Cosmetic Industry for dermopadediatric preparation and colored make-up.
  • Ceramic Industry in preparation of white-ware bodies, Electrical porcelain, High frequency Insulators, Tiles and Kiln furniture.
  • Rubber Industry as dusting agent and anti-blocking agent.
  • Plastic Industry for chemical and heat resistance. Enhances Impact, Strength and Dimensional Stability.
  • Textile Indusry as bleaching and loading material.


Packing and Transportation:

Our products are packed in 25kg bags with inner liner. It can also be customized as per the needs of the users with special markings. If required in pallets, the products are stacked in wooden pallets, tapped, covered with corrugated boxes and shrink wrapped for proper transportation.


Other Information :

Minimum Order Quantity: 16 Metric Ton